Thursday, April 8, 2010

House on the hill

There's A House On My Block
That's Abandoned And Cold
Folks Moved Out Of It A
Long Time Ago
And They Took All Their Things
And They Never Came Back
Looks Like It's Haunted
With The Windows All Cracked
And Everyone Call It
The House, The House Where
Nobody Lives
(Tom Waits)

O.K. so This one's not even close. But give me some poetic license here people.


Anonymous said...

The Tokloshe will never get up there NE. Beware though, the folks up on the hill may mistake YOU for the tok with your camera flashing and clicking away beneath them and you stinking of curry and lager from your favourite haunt. You must be careful that the good people of North End dont take the bricks from under their beds and hurl them at you screaming "Aaargh!its the demon photographer again!".

Northender said...

What can I say, hazard of the job. Damn you though, now I'm feeling hungry!