Thursday, May 27, 2010

Once upon a time, in North End

I used to be a sculptor, a good few years ago. Hopefully some day I'll be back there.
I am not trying to re-hash old material here.
I just think it's time to set this one free in cyberspace.


Caroline said...

I hope it flies! Looks amazing.

Richard said...

I dont pretend to understand art but that looks interesting to me. Is it a differential crown wheel on the top, and is it meant to look like it's feeling horny?

Northender said...

It is indeed a diff. Nothing says PE to me like a broken car part.

In abstract art the question isn't "what is it?" but "how does it make me feel?"
I am after that initial emotional reaction from the viewer that comes through the way the form interacts with the surrounding space. I am an old-fashioned artist in a way. I want the viewer to find inspiration on an emotional level when looking at the piece.
Perhaps the most dificult thing is trying to look from an emotional perspective.
Thanks for your comments Caroline and Richard.