Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh Yeah

Next to North End you will find Richmond Hill, home to an ever-expanding street of coffee shops.
Now if you go PAST the yuppie ones you'll get to Cafe Ruwach.
So meet the Cafe Ruwach breakfast (R45) Under the fried eggs is a huge slice of homemade bread, and under the little steaks, fried bacon and mushrooms.
I had to take a walk around the block afterwards!

And look, you can even see the sea.  


Leif Hagen said...

That sure is a scrumptious lunch photo! I would have had to run around the blocks 3 times after that much yumminess!

Jim said...

After a meal like that you may want to visit your General Practitioner for a cholesterol check too! But, it does look good.

Anonymous said...

rot your veins. the chips look good though.

De Haan out of rehab said...

Hmmm! Just the cure for your winter blues NE and a nice cup of rooibos to wash it down with. Now where's that fridge, I feel the munchies coming on.

Firefly said...

Oh man, that looks gooooooooood

Northender said...

It's okay, here in Africa we spend so much time running away from the lions that I worked it off in no time.
And welcome back De Haan, did you see Charlie Sheen in there?