Thursday, October 20, 2011

Harbour panorama

In the foreground on the left is a wooden yacht that was a scout vessel in the battle of Normandy in the second world war, and is in the the process of being restored.
In the foreground on the right is a luxury yacht belonging to a German father and son, who are on their third round the world trip, it has also just finished being repaired.
And in the center? Me, on the deck of the yacht that I am repairing!
It looks like Port Elizabeth is the place to be if you need fixing.


Firefly said...

I just wish nit was easier to get onto the harbour to take photos.

Caroline said...

Is it difficult to get in? I was once barred from going into the CT harbour to see a friend on the SA Agulhas becuase the guard chappie had been told not to let women in. Me an old toppie the wrong side of 40 then. With not a hint of paint. It was funny.

Northender said...

Walk softly, and carry a small camera!